Nature Source Care
Funda M. Gulmen, N.D., M.S.

Experienced Clinician - Dedicated Teacher -
International Perspective

Dr. Gulmen is a licensed naturopathic physician with a private
practice in Stratford, Connecticut. Integrating modern and
ancient medicine, she helps to achieve optimal health in the
body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Dr. Gulmen has participated in many aspects of healthcare throughout her
career. She began working in public health research by interviewing
homeless individuals for an HIV/TB transmission risk project for the
University of California - San Francisco. Later she went on to conduct
original basic science research for the Committee on Immunology and
coordinate clinical research projects for the Department of Rheumatology at
the University of Chicago. Credentialed by the Connecticut Department of
Children and Family Services, she has worked with special needs children
in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has also provided natural
medicine in a broad range of contexts including being part of the NYC
marathon/triathlon medical triage teams and providing Reiki to patients in
the oncology center at Yale New Haven Hospital. The breadth and depth of
her experience in healthcare allows her to offer comprehensive and
compassionate care to her patients. As she is also an artist, she brings an
intuitive, creative approach to her work. She believes in the art of healing as
well as the healing of art.

Dr. Gulmen has had the good fortune to have studied with some of the
most renowned teachers in the world in both modern and ancient science.
She is a graduate of the University of California - Berkeley, the University of
Chicago, the University of Bridgeport, and Yale University. She has
completed additional studies in the Vedic Arts including
(certified as a teacher), Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine),
Jyotish (Vedic astrology).

Dr. Gulmen has lectured to public and professional audiences both locally
and internationally.  For instance, she offered a seminar on natural
medicine approaches for arthritis to the medical staff at Beijing United
Family Hospital in China. She created mind-body medicine, hydrotherapy,
physiology, and histology curricula as a clinical supervisor and classroom
instructor for medical students.  She has published in
The Journal of
Biological Chemistry, The American Journal of Chinese Medicine,
Textbook of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and has authored the
NatureNotes: Natural Medicine for Viral Infections and Drink To Your
Health: Medicinal Teas, Juices, and Milks from Around the World. She also
collaborates with various organizations interested in building healthier
communities. For example, she designed a bilingual (English/Spanish)
nutrition curriculum for 2nd-4th grade students in the New Haven Public
Schools as part of the DanceAir program with the New Haven Ballet.

Dr. Gulmen was responsible for developing the first-ever international
naturopathic medical brigade to Nicaragua in collaboration with Natural
Doctors International. She also participated as part of the medical team in a
small village near Jodhpur, India that was organized by the Yale Alumni
Service Corp. Many of her patients in the United States originate from other
countries. Her practice integrates medicines from various paradigms
around the world --
Ayurveda, European, Native American, and Traditional
Chinese Medicine. With a love for travel and awareness as a global citizen,
she is fluent in Spanish and has studied other languages and cultures
including French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

Her family medical practice serves every member of the family –
men, women, children, teens, and seniors.

"A physician, though well versed in the knowledge
and treatment of disease, who does not enter into
the heart of the patient with love and light,
will not be able to heal the patient."

- Charaka, one of the great physicians of Ayurvedic medicine
For more information contact:

phone: 203.895.5534

photo: FM Gulmen